Lauren in her shop

Paladin and sniper shop..


you: hi

Lauren: Hello. We have the latest ammo for paladins and snipers.

you: offer

Lauren: I sell crossbows(260gp) and bows(160gp), arrows(2gp), bolts(5gp), spears(15gp), royal spears(25gp), power bolts(25gp) and infernal bolts(150gp). I also buy crossbows(230gp) and bows(130gp).

you: bye

Lauren: Good bye! Please recommend us with your friends.

Buy / SellEdit

  • Sell
    • crossbow (260gp)
    • bow (160gp)
    • arrows (2gp)
    • bolts (5gp)
    • spears (15gp)
    • royal spears (25gp)
    • power bolts (25gp)
    • infernal bolts (150gp)
  • Buy
    • crossbows (230gp)
    • bows (130gp)


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