weapons and armor..


you: hi

Nathan: Hello (your name). Welcome to the weapons and armors shop.

you: offer

Nathan: I sell and buy swords, clubs, axes, armors, legs, shields, helmets and boots. I also sell scarfs(25gp) and buy platinum amulets(3k).

Buy / SellEdit

  • Sell
    • armors
      • dark armor (1.5k)
      • noble armor (8k)
      • chain armor (200gp)
      • brass armor (450gp)
      • scale armor (260gp)
    • Swords
      • ice rapier (5k)
      • serpent sword (6k)
      • two handed sword (950gp)
      • sword (60gp).
    • shields
      • ancient shield (1k)
      • beholder shield (1.5k)
      • brass shield (65gp)
      • plate shield (125gp)
      • steel shield (240gp)
      • viking shield (260gp)
      • dwarven shield (500gp).

and loads more to be added..

  • Buys
    • all kinds of armor and melee weapons